How to hide a safe in a closet and other closet security tips. You can adapt your custom closet system as a place to secure valuables. When you use a closet safe in combination with hidden drawer and door locks, you provide security for important papers, jewelry, and more. Best solutions for hiding closet safes […]

Best Way to Store Jewelry in a Safe

Are you searching for the best way to store jewelry in a safe?Due to its intrinsic value and weight ratio, jewelry is one of the most popular items to store in a vault or safe. As such, it is crucial to find out the best ways to store your jewelry in a safe to prevent […]

Keeping Your Business Safe& Secure

Businesses can get blindsided by cyber threats because they ignore technology due to aging equipment and budget constraints. Why Use SAFEBOX? Safebox Technology provides a critical service to businesses and non-profits by managing cybersecurity risks, including ransomware, crypto walkers, phishing emails, and other evolving cyber crimes. It’s important where you store your data and equipment, […]


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